Michael Haggans

Since 1980, Michael has focussed on the facility challenges of colleges and universities. He is now an independent scholar researching the future of higher education. A licensed architect, he earned his Master of Architecture degree from the State University of New York-Buffalo. He has led architectural practices serving higher education and was University Architect at the University of Missouri and University of Arizona.


Michael believes that facilities are of strategic importance in higher education and has untaken a research project collecting student statements concerning “My Favorite Place on Campus.” The submitted essays are being analyzed to define those aspects of place that are most sought out and memorable.


His recent presentations address the facilities implications of the ongoing digital transformation of higher education instruction. The implications are specific to the mission and history of each institution but are inherently student-centered. He has focused on three types of building spaces:


• Classrooms – bigger, flatter, faster

• Libraries – more information commons, less paper museum

• Third places (not home or classroom) – supporting conversation and study everywhere


For facilities planning, his work supports strategic facilities improvements and more intense utilization of existing facilities, transforming them to be intentionally focused on the needs of students and faculty.




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